Is the tungsten wedding ring right for you?

Are you and your partner-to-be looking for the perfect wedding ring? It’s hard to find the right ring for your personality and style, and the spirit of your relationship. Literally, there are thousands of options to choose from, and even the most patient people can be a little overwhelmed by their classification.

Doubtless, in all of your searching you’ve likely come across tungsten rings for men. After all, there are fewer ring options for grooms than for brides. While gold and platinum bands remain the most popular selection, many men do opt for a tungsten wedding band. Is this, however, a wise choice? If you and your significant other are on the fence regarding tungsten bands, spend some time researching the major differences between them and the competition. To help get you started, here are some of the most prominent pros and cons of choosing a tungsten wedding band.

The Pros of Tungsten Wedding Bands

They’re Cheaper Than More Traditional Options

One of the main reasons that couples seriously consider purchasing a tungsten wedding band is the price. Precious metals are very expensive. When compared to gold or platinum, the cost of a tungsten ring is extremely reasonable. While prices will vary depending on quality, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars by choosing this type of ring. In fact, some precious metal bands are $1,000 more expensive! If you’re concerned about your budget or trying to find ways to cut costs, opting for a tungsten wedding band can help.

They’re Scratch-Resistant and Maintain Their Shine

Tungsten wedding bands are quite durable and strong. In fact, these rings are much harder than other precious and alternative metals. This means that these rings are scratch-resistant, making them ideal for individuals who are a little accident-prone. Additionally, a tungsten band won’t bend or lose its shine over the years. Your ring will maintain its luster for a long, long time.

They’re Available in White, Gray, Black, and Other Colors

Another reason many men are drawn to tungsten wedding bands is their unique appearance. If gold and silver are unappealing, tungsten is available in white, gray, black, and other colors. While traditional bands are nice, they don’t always suit the personality or style preferences of the groom. Opting for one of these color alternatives may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


They’re Hypoallergenic

For some people, allergies are a complete and utter pain when looking for a wedding band. Gold, in particularly, can pose a big problem. Fortunately, tungsten rings are hypoallergenic. This means that the metal won’t trigger any kind of allergic reaction for the wearer. If you struggle with allergies, a tungsten wedding band may be the best option.

The Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

They Can’t Be Resized

A major drawback to tungsten wedding bands is the fact that you won’t be able to resize it. Attempting to do this will usually cause the ring to break. As long as you need a standard size, this may not present much of a problem right now. In the future, however, the size of your fingers can change and there will be no way to adjust the band to fit better.

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They’re Breakable

While durable, there are disadvantages associated with the hardness of tungsten wedding bands. Unfortunately, these rings are quite brittle and can break when dropped or smashed against a hard surface. Further, when a tungsten band breaks, there is no fixing it. These rings shatter into many different pieces; even if you manage to collect and save them all, a jeweler will be unable to repair it. (It is worth noting that many jewelry manufacturers address this problem by offering a lifetime warranty on the tungsten rings they make and sell. In most cases, you will be able to replace your tungsten wedding band if something does happen to it.)

They’re Heavier Than Other Metals

Part of what makes tungsten a strong metal is its density; these bands are very dense and, as a result, quite heavy. If you’re looking for a ring that you’ll rarely notice, this isn’t the ring for you. In fact, some men steer clear of tungsten bands because they feel the weight is too much on their finger and hand.


They’re Untraditional

Many couples care very little for “traditional” elements when planning their wedding. For some, however, incorporating a few features is really important. One way to do this is by opting for bands that have a more classic appearance. This means sticking to precious metals like silver, gold, and even brass. Tungsten bands look nothing like these; they are often much darker in color and will stand out as untraditional.

The Choice Is Yours

It is important to remember that every type of wedding ring on the market has many advantages and disadvantages. As a couple, you need to study, discuss, and  that works best for you. Don’t wait for the process to begin; start thinking about options now, so you won’t be under that much pressure later.

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