Tips on how to Learn Cantonese Easily

The things i love about Chinese language is that it comes in two varieties – Cantonese plus Mandarin dialects like food, vocabulary is the mark of cultural distinction.

Despite the Cantonese dialect is some thing I am used to, Mandarin is the language that I have started learning lately because of my pride as an ethnic Chinese.

Both dialects are initially a challenge to learn, and being a traditional western born Chinese, Chinese language is some thing I had neglected in my upbringing.
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because being brought up in the west with parents that don’t necessarily teach you in order to speak in your mother tongue, it’s easy to reduce your cultural tongue very quickly.

You will find major differences between Cantonese plus Mandarin dialects, just like the differences in lifestyle.

Cantonese is sharper, and has 9 tones. Mandarin is more even-sounding and it has four tones, making it the easier from the two to master.

However as my childhood I was taught to speak the Cantonese dialect, I have recently for some reason being able to subconsciously recall certain Cantonese words that my mother utilized to speak to me when I was a child such as:

‘Chih seen! ‘ – crazy

‘Ney Hoh’ – you okay?

‘Ley Tse m Tse ah’ – you know or not know?

‘Doh Tzay’- thank you

However considering that continuously practicing my Cantonese lately, I have found myself emulating the tones of both dialects quite easily. I recall once when in China along with my mainlander friend, he told me that my tonal use was instinctively more Cantonese than Mandarin.

Which does make sense because really my mother that speaks Cantonese as she was raised in Hk. Although i do find Mandarin simpler and simpler.

So with this continuing confusion and back and forth indecisiveness of which dialect to master, i finally made a decision that it’s best I entertain the thought of learning the main Chinese dialect which is best for business and culture, and it’s really best to learn Mandarin.

Also aside from business reasons, I actually prefer the people and weather of the north of China in comparison to the south of China, therefore it makes sense that I ought to focus my time on studying the Mandarin dialect.

However getting found an easy to learn Chinese language internet site that will help me with this, I believe with persistence and dedication, I will ultimately be able to speak both dialects to be able to fulfil my goal of being a ‘complete’ Chinese!

I will definitely be training with learn Cantonese, and not just that, i will be to learn Cantonese slang! I can’t wait – and it’s so convenient too – after a day’s work, just turn on the internet and practice to my heart’s content. We once had the dream of having the ability to speak both Mandarin and Cantonese – well now the possibility is correct there at the convenience of my convenience!

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