A Guide to Georgian-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

If you are leaning towards Georgian-inspired vintage engagement rings, you may soon discover that such rings are quite difficult to find. You may still, however , be keen to learn more regarding Georgian rings so here is everything you need to think about when considering one.

Vintage engagement rings from the Georgian period are pieces produced during the reigns of King George I – Ruler George IV and that of William IV, which covers the earlier section of the 18th century through to the mid-19th century. It was during this time that creativity in the use of gemstones occurred, but while diamond resources were very rare and would remain therefore until the middle of the Victorian period, several experimental settings and open aspects were designed in the Georgian period. This allowed more light representation in colourful gemstones and expensive diamonds.

Rings made during this era frequently represented natural themes and elaborate metalwork; floral and scroll motifs were typical of the period, together with ribbon work, butterflies and flowers. A keen need to preserve memories and the times of the day were reflected within very distinct and unique Georgian rings such as the memorial ring, the locket ring and the poesy ring. Gold, silver and diamonds were very scarce and expensive during the time, but when it came to gold, Georgian rings were usually crafted from 22-karat and 18-karat gold, although some were also made with silver and pinchbeck, which was a popular gold imitation of the day.

Before the 1750s all pieces had been created with hand-hammered alloys, which provided the rings from this era the speckled or rough pitted appearance. When diamonds were used, they tended to be set in closed silver-settings with all the interior of the pieces crafted in gold to protect the skin from defile. The most common cuts used in Georgian designs were rose-cuts and table-cuts, and rose cut diamonds often had a light piece of reflective foil under the diamond to enhance the brilliance plus beauty of the stone.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these rare vintage wedding rings, care should be taken whenever wearing them, as the foil will certainly gradually lose its effect, especially if it comes into contact with water. The best way to clean the setting is to use a soft brush and chalk powder to behave as a polisher but it does have a highly skilled goldsmith to professionally change the foil.

Due to the scarcity of diamonds, many rings in the Georgian period were made with materials that will included royal blue glass, rock and roll crystal and marcasite. A strong preference for colour was seen in the kind of gemstones used, which included rubies, sapphires, emeralds, garnets, precious topaz and black onyx. Materials such as coral reefs, mother of pearl, river pearls and shells were also commonly used.

Vintage engagement rings from the Georgian era are relatively rare, because unfortunately over the years most of them were taken apart and refitted in order to reflect the modern trends of the time. However , avoid give up hope if your heart is placed on such a ring, as there are sometimes small collections at vintage jewellery stores. Just be prepared to pay for quality
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