girls getaway weekend

Credit: Flickr

Everyone needs a girls weekend getaway idea and as part of our getaway series, I wanted to give you some killer ideas that you can use, when you want to take the girls out.

Now, every state and country is going to be different, but you can implement these ideas and hopefully come up with something where you want to have fun.  I don’t know how far you want to travel, but by using these ideas, you should be able to come up with something.

#1 Go out and shop - Every place has a great place to shop.  Whether it’s a bigger mall, or an outlet mall.  Find a hotel that’s near a lot of this stuff.  Go to the bar, shop, and have a blast!

#2 Fly out to your favorite place - Life is short.  Why not fly somewhere where you can have fun?  How cool would it be to hop on a plane and go to Vegas? Chicago?  You can find some great last minute plane ticket deals if you try hard enough.

#3 Head downtown somewhere - Every state has some sort of great downtown area.  Find a hotel in the downtown area and live it up.  Again, go to the bars, restaurants, and secure yourself a nice hotel.

#4 Find a nice hotel with a pool - You may just want to take it easy.  Find a hotel with a nice pool set up.  Make sure its close to a few things.  What you can do is just lounge around the pool all day, making for a relaxing trip.

#5 Rent a house - It sounds silly but there are great services out there like HomeAway that match you with homes in particular areas.  Rent a house/condo and enjoy the vacation, rather than staying in a hotel.

#6 Hike / Go to a park - Find a great mountain, or a hiking trail.  If you like camping, you can even find a great campground.  Not only is it going to be cheap, you can enjoy a new, stress free trip under the stars.

#7 Enjoy a show - Find a hotel and possibly a concert or a show.   Enjoy a nice dinner beforehand, enjoy the concert, and head to the hotel afterward.

The list could go on and on, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas on what you may do for the weekend.  Just think of all the options near you.