Flying has it’s upsides and unfortunately, it’s going to have it’s downsides as well.  If you’ve ever wondered what the upsides and downsides to travel are, I’ve created a pretty easy going list that will help you determine if you want to fly because let’s face it, everyone isn’t fit for flying.

The Advantages of Flying

Quick travel – Instead of hoping in the car to take that 20 hour road trip, you can cut that trip to about 2-3 hours.  Some people just don’t want to travel across the country in car.  If you’re a fan of driving, by all means, do it but if you don’t have the time then I would recommend you fly.

Comfort – No one likes to be at the wheel of a car for 20 hours straight.  Instead of being at the wheel, why not sit back in an airline seat and listen to your favorite tunes?  Some airlines are more comfortable than others.  I would look into each airline and see which one you like the most when it comes to comfort..

May be cheaper – This isn’t always the case and this completely depends on where you travel.  If you are travelling from Boston to Los Angeles, it’s probably going to be cheaper to fly.  You have to remember that when you’re driving, you have to factor in hotels, food, gas and more.

Safer to travel – When you think of an airplane, you may not think of safety but instead, statistics show that flying in an airplane is actually safer than a car.  When you really think of it, it makes sense.  Think of all the people you’re driving around, the weather conditions and more.  When you’re in an airplane, it’s just you and the blue skies.

The Disadvantages of Flying

The airport – The airport can be a pain in the butt.  From waiting in long lines to get through the security check to waiting in line for your flight, this can easily take four to five hours just to get off the ground compared to driving by car when you could already be five hours into your trip!

Delays – Not every city has great weather and if the city you’re travelling to has nasty weather, there’s going to be a delay.  Sadly, sometimes these delays can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  As compared to a car, you can duke any storm that you please.

Ticket prices – I know I mentioned prices in the one above but there may be times when you  may find it cheaper to travel by car.  Ticket prices can be steep depending on the time you’d like to travel.  Watch out for great deals if you think the price you’re paying is too much.

By now, you should have a better understanding on what the positives and negatives are when it comes to flying.  There are many disadvantages but there are also great advantages.  Look at your trip and analyze what will be best for you when it comes to travel.