Best airline pillowsTravelling can get uncomfortable at times, even when you are flying first class.  In today’s age, you have to pay for everything including pillows and blankets.  What do you get when you pay for a blanket?  You usually get something that’s paper thin and doesn’t even work that well.

Did you know you can purchase airline based pillows online?  Well, you can!  I looked at a few reviews online and came up with my own top 4 list of some of the best pillows on the market today.

Obus Forme Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The Obus is one of the more expensive pillows on the market.  It’s going to cost you around $25 but according to most user reviews, this is one of the best out there.  With unique elevated and contoured sides, it fits perfect for your head so that you have the support you need.  You’ll find with some pillows that you’ll wake up with big neck pains, which are a huge no-no.  The Obus promises that it will prevent pain and stiffness in your neck.

Obus Forme Inflatable Travel Pillow

If you’re looking for something that is a little cheaper, this is the pillow for you.  It’s around $10 and has a decent amount of reviews.  This pillow is a unique one when it comes to airline pillows.  It’s inflatable and will inflate within seconds and stores very easily in your luggage.  Its adjustable and fits most necks.

TravelRest Pillow

The TravelRest pillow is a brand new product on the market that’s supposed to be the best inflatable pillow that there is.  This pillow will run you about $25 but many say it’s well worth it.  What makes this pillow great is that inflates with as little as two breaths.  It also will attach to your seatbelt as well.  This makes it great for long bus trips and works just about anywhere else like a train, airport terminal and even wheelchairs!

Doctor Micro-bead Easy Neck + Shoulder pillow

If you’re not a fan of those inflatable pillows and you want something that is easy to store away and is comfortable at the same time, you’ll want to consider the Doctor Micro-bead pillow.  This pillow is designed to help relieve pressure as well as preven soreness.  It also consists of 85 percent nylon as well as 15 percent spandex on the outer edge of the pillow.

Airline pillows are fairly cheap and I highly recommend you get one for those long trips and never buy them directly at the airport.  The same pillows you see above are going to be about 3 times as much in the shops.  Buy the pillow and test it out.  If you don’t like it, you can always return it.  Nothing beats a nice nap on a long trip!