Have you ever wondered what happens to items that get confiscated or are lost?  Well the airlines just don’t toss them into the garbage can.  Instead, they will either sell them at a local warehouse after so many days or they may auction them off.  If you’re looking for a way to find an airport auction, I’m going to show you some tips you can use in order to get items at a low, low price.

Head to USA.gov - At USA.gov, you’ll be able to look for your state.  From there, click on the link and you’re going to get more information on how you can find these particular items.  Some states will allow you to bid online while others make you go in person to order.  That website will give you a lot more information on how you can do everything.

When you go to the website, see what kind of surplus stores they have in your area.  If you don’t want to bid online, I would either call up or see if they have more information online.  You’ll find that some surplus stores will allow you to come in on certain days and buy things for a fixed price.

At the store, you’re going to find everything from big trucks to small things like pocket knifes.  If you’re looking for smaller items or even bigger items at a very great price, it reminds me of a flea market.  You just have to think of things people don’t care that they lose via the police or the airport.  Like anything though, you’re always going to find that hidden gem.

Head on over to the website and look for more information regarding your city.  The easiest way to do it is either bid online or browse the store in person.  Not too many people know of this gem so when you do go to the surplus store, let’s hope you find that treasure!