Airline overweight passengerWhen it comes to society and the overweight, there are many negative things that have been said. Some feel that overweight people should not be privy to the same types of benefits that are offered to average sized people. If you were to visit some countries, a person that weighs 250 may be considered thin. The airline industry has certain regulations regarding the seating arrangements for the overweight.

Before Booking a Flight

Check to see if the airline has a policy in forth regarding overweight individuals. Some airlines will charge you for two seats. Is this fair? No. On the other hand, is it fair for the person that is seating next to an overweight person to be uncomfortable? So, to avoid an uncomfortable situation, call ahead so that you are aware of the procedures that the airlines use. Try to use the airlines that do not have a policy in force.

Limit the Size of Carry On Luggage

Each airline has a specific guideline regarding the number and size of luggage that can be taken on the airplane. If you just take one bag with you that has everything that is needed while in flight, this will make things more comfortable for you. It will not be a reason to search through several bags to get what you need. Most flights are short in duration, so you probably will not need any personal items. Things like chewing gum or mints can be tucked away in the pockets of your clothes.

Choose the Last Seat in the Aisle

If you chose a seat that does not have another seat in back of it, you will probably be more comfortable. People in front of you will adjust the seat for maximum comfort but it may not be comfortable for you. To eliminate some of the challenges of the seating arrangements, you can always ask to be moved to the last seat in the isle if it is available. The most important thing is to be able to enjoy your flight in comfort.