If you’re a big budget traveller, you may want to check out a website called Priceline.  I’m sure if you’ve bought anything travel related in the past few years, you’ve heard about this website.  One of the things that makes Priceline stand out above the rest of their competition is solely because of their bidding system.  I’m going to show you how the Priceline bidding system works and how you can get the best deal on the planet.

How does the bidding work?

The process is quite simple but it can be misleading at times.  Let’s say you want to book a hotel in Las Vegas and the hotels you’re looking at are a three star out of five star hotel.  Let’s say that the average room is $200/night.  Priceline will let you bid on the hotels with the price you want.  Now, they aren’t going to come out and tell you how much you can bid but you’ll simply have to guess. 

The next step is that you’ll want to put in your bid.  If you put in $150, you’ll have to put in your payment information.  If it gets accepted, you get the room but if you don’t get accepted, you’ll have to find another hotel.  Keep in mind that you can only bid on the same area once every 24 hours.  This will stop people from bidding $1 and working their way up.    A simple step around this is to bid on a star per star basis.  You’re allowed to bid on each star category per 24 hours.  A great website to check out is a website called BetterBidding.  This website focuses on travelers who share what prices they were able to get for their hotels.

Are there any catches?

Not really.  When you bid on your hotel, you’re going to have to put in your bid and your credit card information.  When you do this, your room will be booked if you’re bid is accepted.  If your bid is denied, you won’t be charged.  This is the only catch I can think of.  Before you’re even charged though, Priceline will tell you exactly how much you’ll be charged.

When booking your next trip online, check out Priceline and see if you can save 50%.  A lot of travellers have done so and it never hurts to try the bidding system.  If it’s something you don’t like, simply go back to the strategies you’ve learned before.  Good luck!