As a student, you’re going to find that you’re going to get a lot of discounts with a lot of things, including travel.  If you have come across the site,, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what I found out about it when I was trying to book an airline ticket.

I’m going to give you an example below and show you how other websites have fared.  From there, you will be able to use your own judgment.  Take a look at 3 of my examples below and you can see exactly how the airfare matches up and if its worth checking out.

Example #1: LAX to ORL on a Wednesday PM / round trip 7 days

  • Student Universe $312 via US Airways
  • US Airways $312 [cheapest]
  • AirTran $319
  • Delta $459
  • Frontier $411
  • United $469

Example #2: NYC to DTW on a Saturday AM / round trip 7 days

  • Student Universe $167 via US Airways
  • US Airways $167 [cheapest]
  • Delta $221
  • Spirit $219
  • Continental $345
  • American $221

Example #3: DFW to SEA on a Tuesday PM / round trip 7 days

  • Student Universe $318 via AirTran
  • AirTran $318
  • Alaska Airlines $369
  • Delta $332
  • Midwest $401
  • US Airways $394

NOTE: I used Kayak to compare all the other airlines not using a student discount.

Now the funny thing that I soon realized is that you don’t get a Student discount at all.  In fact, you can get the same deals on any other site.  I did 3 examples as you can tell and every single example matched up to another airline.  I’m not sure if the website is a front for students to use it, or what.

You don’t have to prove that you’re a student either, which I don’t get.  I thought for sure that when I was booking my flight that I would have to show some sort of ID and I didn’t.

Overall, if you’re a student, I wouldn’t highly recommend that you stick with a site like this.  Sure, they are going to be able to scope out the best deals, but you’re going to do just as good with any other site, so don’t be afraid to check out other comparison engines.

A final word of advice is to check the airline direct as this is going to be your best bet possible when looking to get the cheapest deal possible.