We all enjoy getting away from home for a while, and we like to explore what other states and cities have to offer.  There are several fun things to check out in the U.S. and everything is unique and different in its own way.  If you plan on visiting Dothan, Alabama in the near future, it is a fun little town that you will enjoy.  Not only are there fun attractions to check out, but also, there are some great restaurants in the area.  If you’re looking for a great bite to eat, consider these top three restaurants for Dothan listed below.

Fuji’s Hibachi Express - If you’re looking for some excellent Asian food, this is known to be the best place around!  Stop in, take a break from your day, enjoy a great meal, and pay a reasonable price.  The service is known to be great, and most importantly, the food is known to be exceptional. 

The Bistro Are you in the mood for some fine European food?  If so, there is no better place for European than The Bistro!  They are known for their nice atmosphere, excellent dishes, and great service.  Also, there is nice outdoor seating if you want to spend a nice afternoon outdoors to enjoy the weather and find great food!

Hots Deli There is nothing better than an excellent deli sandwich from Hots Deli.  Here, there is a lot to choose from including sandwiches, pizza, salads and other great snacks and meals.  The food is great, and the prices are affordable, and it is a nice place to stop by for a quick bite to eat!

If you’re looking for some excellent food whether it’s on the go or dine-in you’re covered with these top 3 great Dothan restaurants.  They have received the best reviews from their visitors, and are highly recommended for a nice bite to eat!